ALM Spool And & Line Gardol Tesco Wickes CMI RT430 RT2435 RT2540 RT4001DA IK300


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NEW ALM Manufacturing spool and line

  • ALM IK300 Spool and Line suitable for Ikra, Gardol, Wickes and Alko Models
  • Part number: ALM IK300 IK300 ALM Manufacturing spool and line Suitable for the following Wickes models 300W Trimmer 543-182 24cm Made in Germany Suitable for the following Ikra models
  • DA4001RT, RT30CT, RT400, RT900DA, RT2435, RT3003DA, RT4001DA, RT4001DA Sensormatic, RT4004DA, RT5524DA, RT8501DA, RT9103DA, Ironside RT6542DA
  • Suitable for the following Alko models Perfect GT340 Duo Supplied with: 1.5mm trimmer line 2 x 4m

Part number ALM IK300