The Original Waspinator No More Wasps Twin Pack 2pk


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No Chemicals

No Maintence

No Dead Wasps

Fill the Waspinators with old supermarket carrier bags to get the correct shape

Quite simply put the Waspinator is the worlds most innovative & environmentally friendly way to deter wasps from around your home and garden.

Unlike conventional traps, there are no sticky substances or chemicals used, making it much better for the environment. As there is no need to kill wasps there will be no alarm scent released which is known to attract other wasps.

The Waspinator utilises the wasps natural instincts to deter them from your eating area. Wasps are extremely territorial and if they see or sense an enemy nest then they will simply fly away. And that is exactly what the waspinator does - it makes wasps believe they are in other wasp territory by mimicking the shape and colour of a wasp nest.

Simply hang it in the area you are, and working like a scarecrow does in a field, you will enjoy wasp free days and nights without any embarrassing arm flapping incidents.

Compact, easy to use and move, environmentally friendly and weatherproof, the Waspinator is a safe, clean and effective wasp deterrent.