New ALM Bosch Chainsaw Low Kick Chain AKE 35-17S BC052


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Chainsaw Lo-Kick Chain BC052.

Fits 35cm (14") Bosch AKE 35-17S Electric Chainsaw with 52 Drive Links 1.1mm Bar Slot.

Electric Machines: Always unplug your machine from the electricity supply before fitting any spare part or accessory.

Petrol Machines: Always disconnect the spark plug lead before fitting any spare part or accessory.

The size of the chain (pitch) is half of the distance between three rivets. If the distance measures ¾" the chain is 3/8" pitch.

The length of the chain is determined by counting the number of drive links which are the triangular shapes that fit into the bar.

ALM Chains are available from 44-72 Drive Links.