ALM Spool Line Black & Decker Reflex Models GL660 GL686 GL670 Grass Hogg BD139


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New Spool & Line for Black & Decker

Suitable for the following Black and Decker Reflex Plus models

GL315, GL337, GL337SB, GL350,
GL500, GL546SC,
GL650, GL650SBC, GL651SB, GL652, GL652SB, GL653, GL655, GL656,
GL660, GL660P, GL660PC, GL660SPC,
GL670, GL670P, GL670PC, GL670SPC, GL675,
GL680, GL685, GL686, GL687,

Grass Hog

twin line models GH700, GH710, GH750

Compares to A6441, 597862-00, 575462-00, DF-065, DF-065-BKP

Supplied with:
1.5mm trimmer line
2 x 5m

Manufactured in the UK

Ref BD139