New Lock and & Lock Pasta 3.4ltr Food Container HPL713F


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Lock & Lock Food Storage Container HPL713F

Ideal for Pasta,Cereal,Oatmeal and many other items

Air tight and water tight

4 Sided locking system

Stackable and nestable for saving space

Microwave safe (reheating only) and dishwasher safe

 22cm high and 23cm width and 10.5cm deep

Holds 3.4 litres (approx 6 pints)

Flip top lid   Easy pour   Easy grip

Engraved  measurements on side

1 cup 240ml

3 cups 720ml

5 cups 1200ml

7 cups 1680ml

9 cups 2160ml

11 cups 2640ml

13 cups 3120ml